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Paul interviewed on "NightVision Radio" about Titanic reincarnation--and maybe, a polterge

NightVision Radio Host René Barnett

On Thursday night, April 27, 2017, I'll be sitting down with long-time friend, former colleague, (and NightVision Radio host) René Barnett to discuss my new book, The Man Who Sent the SOS: A Memoir of Reincarnation and the Titanic. The show airs from 7:30-9:00 pm (PST), 10:30-12:00 am (EST). However, if you miss it, I'm told you can always listen to the podcast later.

As I mentioned, René and I worked together several years ago, and she said she also plans on asking me questions about some other paranormal experiences I had while working on the ABC show Put to the Test back in the 1990s. (Readers of The Man Who Sent the SOS will recall that it was while researching this show I had the fateful past-life regression that revealed the terrifying image of the sinking Titanic, setting the events of The Man Who Sent the SOS into motion.)

When Rene told me this, I laughed and thought, "Oh no, you really want me to talk about that creepy Oklahoma poltergeist again?" (I'd shared the story with René several years ago, and she still remembered it vividly.) I told her I'd be happy to--although, looking back on the experience, more than twenty years later, I still have no explanation for the things I saw and heard in that small Oklahoma town of Centrahoma. (I say "heard" because this was a rare, talking poltergeist.)

So, if you're free on Thursday night, check it out.

Update 4.30: Thanks to everyone who tuned in! I think it turned out rather well! Please note the interview starts at 12:52. Also, René and I didn't get around to discussing the poltergeist. Maybe next time! :)


Paul Amirault is a television producer, writer and photographer. His first book, The Man Who Sent the SOS: A Memoir of Reincarnation and the Titanic, is available now.

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