• Paul Amirault

Yes, I actually have a piece of coal from Titanic's maiden voyage!

This is probably the strangest piece of memorabilia from my Titanic collection. It's a small hunk of coal that was salvaged from the wreck site by RMS Titanic, Inc. The inscription reads "RMS TITANIC AUTHENTIC ANTHRACITE FROM THE 1912 MAIDEN VOYAGE." I purchased it in the late 1980s or early 1990s--long before my first past-life regression.

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In addition to being a collector of Titanic memorabilia, Paul Amirault is a Hollywood TV producer and writer. His first book, The Man Who Sent the SOS: A Memoir of Reincarnation and the Titanic, chronicles his 12-year search to validate past-life memories of a life that ended aboard the doomed liner.

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