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The front cover for Hollywood TV producer Paul Amirault's book The Man Who Sent the SOS: A  Memoir of Reincarnation and the Titanic.

The Man Who Sent the SOS

A Memoir of Reincarnation and the Titanic

by Paul Amirault

According to a recent poll, 25% of Americans believe in reincarnation. 10% even say they retain memories of a previous life.

After an inexplicable experience in 1996, Hollywood documentary producer Paul Amirault reluctantly found himself part of the latter group. 

While researching a new TV show, Amirault underwent hypnotic past-life regression, and was unexpectedly transported to a dark night in 1912. There, in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic, he saw himself cowering in fear before a massive wall of black steel…as the sinking Titanic loomed threateningly over his head. 


This bone-chilling experience sparked a 12-year spiritual odyssey for Amirault, who ultimately concluded his “past-life memories” coincided with those of Titanic’s enigmatic First Marconi Officer John ("Jack") Phillips—the man who sent the famous SOS—but who also died with the blood of at least one of Titanic’s victims on his hands.

In his gripping new book, Amirault shares both his, and Phillips,' stories; it's an unforgettable tale of obsession, intertwining lives, and ultimately, the healing power of understanding and love. 

Praise for The Man Who Sent the SOS:


"A startling journey backwards in time, The Man Who Sent the SOS will sail beyond new age audiences to intrigue readers of Titanic history, memoirs, and scientific and historical investigations…. 


It offers new ideas and revelations on many levels, and thus The Man Who Sent the SOS is especially, highly recommended reading for a wide audience interested in historically-based stories that move in unique directions.”


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


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